Why you should shop around for the best insurance rates

After 10 years in the insurance business I have become an advocate for the idea of shopping around for the best insurance rate. There are many different factors that go into how much money an insurance company is going to charge you for a policy. The only way to find out how much the different company's charge is to check around and get quotes for yourself.

As an independent agent it is my job to gather information from potential clients and then do the shopping for you. Once I have compared the different rates each insurance company wants to charge, I report back and give you the results. Many times I am the lowest rate and there are times when my rate is higher than what you already pay. Either way it is a favorable outcome for those who are shopping around. 

Insurance company's are constantly changing their rates and many times, if we are not paying close attention, it can cost the customer a lot of money over the long term. Here at Jon Spalding Insurance we are happy to assist you in this process and hope that we will be able to uncover a better deal, build a long term business relationship and save you money that you can use for other endeavors!