Nevada DMV and Auto Insurance

Recently a customer of mine purchased a new car. He called me about 2 weeks after driving it off the lot to replace his old vehicle which was traded in. I replaced the old vehicle with the new one and thought that would be the end of it. Typically newly acquired vehicles are covered with your existing policy for the first 30 days.

The issue that arose was from the Nevada DMV and their insurance verification system known as "Nevada Live". This is the system the DMV uses in connection with the multiple insurance companies in Nevada. Essentially, the system electronically monitors whether or not your vehicle has insurance while it is registered.

The problem we had was that I added the vehicle effective the day he called me to report it. Unfortunately, the dealership registered the vehicle on his behalf about 2 days earlier which resulted in the registration being suspended and a $251 fine to boot. Nevada is a "no grace period" state and these issues are very real for many drivers. This 2 day lapse triggered the suspension and fine. I was able to get the effective date of coverage changed to 2 days earlier and the registration was reinstated and the fine was dropped

At Jon Spalding Insurance, we have the expertise to make sure your insurance and your registration match up properly to avoid these types of suspensions and fines. Every driver in Nevada should be aware of these DMV Insurance requirements and can access information from the NV DMV website at: